Respond with Boldness


Well, this has been quite an eventful week! I don’t think I can fit everything in right now since I have basically no time left to email so here is bullet version
  •  We were helping a family get rid of their old table, so we called our Egyptian friend, who we noticed had no table. He said he would like the table, so we brought it over on the same day. He later told us the table was too big, so we replaced his with our own smaller table. Then we asked the ward if anyone needed a table and someone came to take it. I guess that’s all unrelated, but we are teaching our Egyptian friend and have an Arabic Book of Mormon coming for him soon!
  • We met with another new investigator who told us he did some “research” and pulled out a book called “Kingdom of the Cults.” We were able to answer most of his concerns with the Book of Mormon (Some concerns were completely false anyhow). Unfortunately, he felt too unsettled by what he read and told us he wasn’t sure we are “saved.” (This idea of being “saved” in this life is an incomplete concept which is taught by an Antichrist, named Nehor, in Alma 1 in the Book of Mormon.) We strongly asked him to read the Book of Mormon a few months ago, before he found this book, and he did not do that, so I told him I was disappointed and gently rebuked him. The Spirit was very strong in that meeting, but it was such a struggle! I pray he will read the true word of God and not propagandist lies. We will be meeting with him again.
  • We taught another scripture study class on Thursday about keeping the commandments. I can hardly remember what we said, but the Sisters told us it was a good lesson 🙂 The new sister’s name is Sister Borget by the way! She only has a transfer left!
  • We had a very strong lesson with our friend who is a Baptist preacher. He had a hard time giving up his concerns, but I know the Spirit was there!
  • One of our investigators gave us a long text to politely tell us he didn’t want to keep investigating. We felt prompted to call him to ask him to give it another chance. He said his work schedule will make it hard to meet right now (maybe in the future), but he will read the Book of Mormon.
  • We had a lot of people to fast for including all of the above mentioned, so we put a lot of energy into our fast. We were blessed yesterday to randomly meet a very nice couple who let us right in. The husband had a stroke and cannot talk, but they allowed us to give him a priesthood blessing. We did not even have oil with us, but the spirit was very strong there! It was one of the most significant moments I think I’ve seen on my mission! We will be going back soon to share more!
Have a great week y’all! I included pictures of the 6 bikes in our apartment right now 🙂
Maa salaama
(Goodbye): We learned this from our Egyptian friend.

Elder Aland is Awesome!

Hey y’all,

How is everything going?
I had an awesome week! My trainer, Elder Staheli is a zone leader in Goldsboro now. My new companion is Elder Aland who is the new district leader now! We are getting along really well together! I am the designated driver now though because he crashed a car in his last transfer, (woops.)
The day before transfers (Tues), Elder Staheli and I had a busy day. We saw several less-actives and recent converts, and taught a new investigator. We had lunch and dinner with members, and I took lots of pictures for Mom. I’ve really come to realize how much Elder Staheli has taught me, especially about opening up and loving all the people you work with. I’ve also had some hard lessons about loving investigators too much when they aren’t willing to progress, but I’m growing a lot more than I ever have.
Transfer day (Wed) and the next day were pretty hectic! Just as I was introducing myself to Elder Aland, I was getting a stream of texts from someone who needed our help. That kinda crashed Elder Aland right into all the drama of Washington, and we were able to give this wonderful person a priesthood blessing. (If you have questions about what that is, ask the missionaries.) Besides that, I had to adjust to driving again, We got Elder Aland’s groceries and I got a gps, then we had Dinner with members and Correlation meeting. With all that going on, we were also able to schedule a lesson with an investigator at the church with some members. and taught several others It was a busy and eventful two days! The next day was no less busy! As Elder Aland had to prepare to lead his first district meeting; which was awesome! He has done a great job getting to know the members and investigators here, and we have looked through the area book a lot together! I’d say this was one of my busiest weeks of my mission so far!
Unfortunately, several investigators have experienced tragedies either this week or previous. We really love them and ask for your prayers. Also, we had many people who we fully expected to come to church, but none came. We have followed up with many of them, and will work to get them there next week! I want to work on have a more optimistic attitude this week, because I’ve seen great miracles this week. Even if that doesn’t show in the numbers or what other people see, I know our efforts aren’t in vain.
That’s about it for my week. Hope y’all are doing well!
– Elder Samuel Runyan
A little bit about Elder Aland:
  1. He is from San Diego, CA! The members here are excited to have non-Utah missionaries now!
  2. He likes country music and trucks, (I’ve pretty much found out that’s a necessity if you are serving out here.)
  3. He has 4 sisters and a brother.
  4. He has been out for 8 months
  5. We’re pretty similar in some ways