“Are We Not All Beggars?”


Transfer calls came, and I am staying here in Virginia Beach! Elder Allen is going to Hampton to be with Elder Brown who I served close to when I was in Poquoson! I will be training another new missionary for the next 3 months!
There is so much to be grateful for and so many opportunities to serve others for all of you, so I would encourage you to look for those opportunities! Pray for them because I know it serves God to serve others, and when you serve Him, he will return that to you! I learned this week, from Mosiah 4:19-25, about why we should always serve those in need. There is a phrase there, “are we not all beggars?” We do all have needs which God can meet. On the same note, Jesus Christ went below all of us, and he knows all our pains and struggles better than we do. If he knows us that well, then he feels what we feel. If you make one person happy, you are making Christ happy.
A wonderful family we met fed us on Tuesday! They are Catholic and very strong in their faith, so they did not want to learn more, but they were still very nice to us!
We also had an interesting experience with an investigator who told us she was baptized in our church a long time ago. We can’t find her records, but she’s not all there. The wonderful Sister Goings has helped be her friend, and took her to the ward’s Christmas party this Friday! That was lots of fun, and a few investigators came!
We’ve tried caroling already, and I’m hoping to play the cello to share the Christmas Spirit and #lighttheworld with people! Probably the highlight from the week was inviting our investigator to fast the full 24 hours yesterday for fast sunday. He is at a rock in a hard place right now, so we promised fasting would give him the strength to endure. He was going strong at church, and now we have to find out if he made it the whole way!
Happy Holidays!
Elder Runyan
I included a picture of some twice-baked potatoes I made, one of the pictures is Elder Allen and I doing companionship inventory. (All the missionaries out there will get it!) and one of the pictures below is of our district.

We Are Professional Movers Now!

Hey y’all!
Oh man! It has been a great week! On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we helped 3 families in the ward in the process of moving! Since this is a military ward, we have a lot of that! Besides that, we had some great things happen!
We taught a second lesson to one of our new investigators from last week, and he had already read a considerable portion of the Book of Mormon than most, and retained a lot of information from our lesson! We are going to commit him to be baptized in our next visit!
We taught a mission prep class on Wednesday for the youth in the ward! This is my second time doing this, but this one was very good! We had them get into companionships and study a heading in lesson 2 of chapter 3 in PMG and teach it to one of the leaders role-playing as an investigators. They’ve had several of these mission prep classes in the past, but we noticed many of them still seemed nervous, so we made the focus on bearing testimony. That seemed to help them really open up from their shell because they didn’t have to worry about anything except bearing testimony. Really, I think that’s the most important thing we do as missionaries.
We found the Waldo of our area! There is a man named Roy who lives on a farm near the church. He doesn’t really have a home, so we drop by the farm sometimes hoping to see him, and we finally did! His family has been urging us to help him for some time now, and he has told previous missionaries he wants to be baptized, so that is exciting!
We had dinner with a really awesome family in the ward! They don’t come to church much, but they are super friendly with the missionaries, and believe it’s all true! Plus, he is a great pit master, and loved to talk about video games when Elder Byrd and I would drop by, (especially Assassins Creed.) It was a great lesson, and we committed them to start preparing to go to the temple! I am excited for them!
Fast Sunday was great! We made a serious committment to fast for a full 24 hours with no complaints for one of our investigators named Matthew. It felt very uplifting, and the investigator we taught that night, James, seemed impressed by our dedication.
Well, Elder Gardiner is an awesome Missionary! I learn so much from him every day! We’ve learned that we have a lot of potential together; we just have to be very supportive and understanding of each other, and the Lord will perform miracles! Here are some fun facts about him:
  • He is from West Jordan and was born in Manassas Virginia
  • 19 yrs old
  • Sport- Track and Cross-Country
  • Favorite Color- Navy Blue
  • College- BYU Provo
  • Major- BioChemistry
Here are some things I studied:
In Judges 6:29– the fact that the Baal worshipers suspected that Gideon was the one who tore down their abominable alter and groves shows that he did not hide his standards. They knew what kind of person Gideon was. We likewise should not be afraid to stand for truth and righteousness.
I did a comparison between Nephi 8 (Lehi’s vision) and Joseph Smith’s first vision. It was a very insightful study because I found that God has certain requirements and patterns in giving revelation, such as a choice. Lehi chose to eat the fruit and Joseph Smith chose to accept his calling as a prophet.
2 Ne 10:24-25 tells us that we must be reconciled to God. I take it that we must pay a token of a broken heart and contrite spirit, and then we are saved solely by the grace of God.
Have a great 4th of July!
-Elder Samuel Runyan
Quote of the week!
“It is fast Sunday…. so that means we need to bike fast today!”
– Elder Gardiner