Snow is the Best!

We woke up on Wednesday morning to check the forecast on our phone, like we do occasionally. It had been pretty cold the past week and the lakes were starting to freeze over, so we wanted to know how warmly to dress. It said “mostly cloudy skies with a calm breeze and in the 30s. We didn’t expect anything more so we were surprised to see snow that afternoon. Someone wanted to cancel an appointment because they wanted to prepare for the “storm” We checked the forecast again and still nothing about a storm or even snow! Of course we kept trying to have the appointment, but they insisted on waiting until after the “storm” As we talked to more people that day, we found similar reactions. Virginia Beach was about to enter hibernation…

We managed to teach one person that night, and by the end of the lesson the snow was about an inch high just in that one part of town. We woke up the next morning to about 5 inches, although in places the wind had blown it as high as a foot or more. Elder Tolley started the moaning (he’s from Utah, so he hates snow,) and I was ready to have a little fun! This whole week has been full of shoveling people’s driveways and getting their cars unstuck. The first few days, it was literally like a ghost town! I’m not joking when I say hibernation. A lot of people STILL haven’t bothered to move their car! They probably have good reason too, because the roads are BARELY ploughed. and most parts are covered in thick ice from cars rolling over it. It is pretty dangerous to drive on unless you have a truck or jeep.
We’ve had some cool experiences helping people. Most people have been in a rush when we get their car unstuck, (it involves pushing, shoveling, and coaching them the “rock” the car. No one knows how to drive in snow around here.) so we just have enough time to give them a pass-along card and maybe our number, but we gave some people Books of Mormon and some are potential investigators!
Some of the members here, Chris, Bruce and Rolf especially, have been real heroes by driving us to places we can’t reach on foot! I’ve never gotten so many calls from people asking for help, and we couldn’t do it without them! It’s almost non-stop! It the midst of all the spontaneous service, these members have taken care of us and we’ve been able to have a few lessons with investigators. One of them wants to be baptized, but is not sure about a date yet to do it. She is praying about Feb 3.
Anyways, that’s my crazy week! I had some spiritual thoughts I wanted to share, but I can’t remember, so hopefully I will next week!
Take care!
Elder Samuel Runyan

2018 Is Going To Be A Good One!

Happy New Year Y’all!

I hope everyone is well, and you have enjoyed quality time with friends and family over the holidays!
New Years is a good time to reflect and project. Set some realistic goals! Here is the scripture we have shared with people as the key to successful “resolutions.” (Alma 7:24. also Peter 1:5-8)
24 And see that ye have faithhope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.
I am grateful for the people that took us in on Christmas and New Years! The LaRoses, the Schoppauls, a man named Sam, and Simone! Thank you also to everyone at home for the gifts, prayers, and well-wishes! You all mean a lot to me!
Elder Tolley and I are getting along well, and I am slowly learning how to actually be a decent trainer! I hope he realizes how great he is because I need to be better at telling him! I’ve forgotten what it is like to be a new missionary; missionary life is just how I am living right now, and it will be just as hard to adjust to “normal” life. I have to remind myself that it must be hard for a lot of missionaries to make the switch! They take a lot of “baggage” sometimes which can really weigh some of them down! My advice to anyone about to go on a mission is to let all that go. Your trainer will appreciate it 🙂 Thankfully, Elder Tolley has prepared well, and he has a lot to look forward to!
Brother Lambourne got me a new bike wheel! That was a great Christmas present, and very much needed! Other than that, the work has been a little slow this week due to holidays. Half of our investigators have been out of town, but that’s ok!
Elder Runyan