More Bike Troubles

Hello everyone!

I’m honestly not thinking too straight this morning and there are a lot of people around us talking, so I’m a bit distracted. But that’s ok šŸ™‚ I’m going to go read my scriptures some more after this.
This has been a great week! There are 2 big miracles I want to talk about, and both of them came from Elder Gardiner’s bike troubles! First of all, his derailer got bent when he shifted into first gear and it got caught in the spokes. (Elder Byrd had the same bike and his did the same exact thing.) This had us on foot, and as a result, we walked somewhere closer than we were originally planning. The person we ended up seeing became a new investigator! Then, as we were walking home, we ran into a young man in the ward. We talked with him for a while about his plans after school and Elder Gardiner was able to relate to him on more personal matters. I think this was a very spiritual experience; made possible through a bike error šŸ™‚
The next day, I was gone on exchange, but a part member saw Elder Gardiner and Brown walking and offered to help him fix his bike! The day after that, he took us to a bike shop to get Elder Gardiner’s bike fixed. They didn’t have the part for his, but I got a new inner tube to fix up our backup bike. While we were at the bike shop, we met a less-active member, then a total stranger came up to us and asked if we had a free Book of Mormon. I totally thought he was messing with us, so I laughed and said yes. Then he said “No seriously, I’ve been trying to get one.” I immediately pulled one out of my bag and we exchanged contact information! When we got home, the backup bike started giving us problems. At that point we were laughing because of all the bike problems we were having, (and because it looked really silly when Elder Gardiner would pedal, and the bike wouldn’t move.) Later, the sister missionaries gave us their extra bike, so we are good, but we have 5 bikes now.
That’s all for today! I read some interesting stuff in Moses 6:52-68 about the Holy Ghost, so check it out!
Take care y’all!
Elder Samuel Runyan
P.S. the pics are of us signing the declaration of independence in our apartment. I will try to send a video of Elder Gardiner on “Ghetto Bike” later.

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