Virginia is Hot!

This week was rather hot and humid. Thankfully, the people that we tract into are very nice and about 30-50% of them give us water. It’s basically Virginia culture to give people water since it gets so dang hot! A lot of houses have pineapples somewhere around them (doormats, flags, etc..); which is a sign of hospitality around here. However, according to one young man we asked, “It’s just something the ladies around here do.”
This has been an awesome week! I must say that Elder Gardiner is a spiritual beast! (In a good way.) He is focused, and often asks, “are we using our time effectively right now?” As I said last week, the work here has been picking up as a result!
Our main focus for the past week was finding new investigators mostly through knocking on doors. It’s funny that we did this on such a hot week! People saw us and told us we were crazy for being out in the heat! Some even got angry at us for putting ourselves at risk for a cause they thought was meaningless. That did not stir us and we took great comfort in Matthew 10:14 and Acts 5:41. Thankfully, there were several who appreciated our dedication and expressed interest in learning more. We are keeping close records of each of these experiences, so we can effectively plan to follow up with each one.
We are also trying to focus on working with all the active members in the ward. We have developed a method of tracking each one called “AM-Plan.” It is starting off slow, with people on vacation, but we are already seeing progress.
There are definitely things I can improve on, and I am working to strengthen my relationship with the Savior gradually. I am so grateful for the wonderful examples in my life!
Elder Samuel Runyan
We saw a cicada on our front porch!



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