Mother’s Day!

Hi y’all!

This was a great week! The work is starting to move forward! First of all, I got to call my family at home for mother’s day! It was fun to hear from everybody! I love you Mom!
Last Monday, we had a pretty cool experience going with a member, Alberto, who works at Langley to see the base! I didn’t have my camera, but Elder Byrd and he took some pretty cool pictures and videos of a 747 taking off, some F-22s and T-38s landing, and some other planes on display. I will attach those.
We also did a lot of service this week! On Monday, we helped a family carry stairs……. up the stairs……… (for a bunkbed.) On Tuesday, we helped two families in Langley off-base family do some gardening! It was fun, and we got our hands dirty!
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all pretty normal days. We had district meeting on Friday and met our new District Leader, Elder Weber! He will do a great job! We also read a talk called the “4th missionary” which was all about becoming a consecrated missionary! I think it had a really good message about making your mission have a lasting impact on your life.
Saturday was full of excitement! We attended a baptism for one of the Yorktown sisters’ investigators, David. We invited as many people to it as we could even though we had short notice of it. We had some maybes, but nobody came; which is OK because it was a great event! After that, I had lunch with my cousin, Ben! He is in the Navy, and he’s doing great! He will go up to New York for memorial day parades soon! We also had a nice lesson with an investigator, and we showed a talk from Elder Costa in the last General Conference! Here’s the link if you want to see it!
Thanks to the Brimhalls, who let us use their home to Skype our families! It was a great conversation! The elders quorum in church also did a great job of relieving the mothers and women from their classes in 3rd hour so they could enjoy a Mother’s Day social! It was a pretty great day!
Take care y’all!
-Elder Samuel Runyan

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