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This is the week of transfers! Elder Byrd and I survived! We are both staying in Poquoson! 6 more weeks with this awesome missionary!
​​As for the title of this email. I got it from a random church billboard. I really wish we had those in California! They can be really funny sometimes! ​​​​​​Also, I realized I keep forgetting to write clever title to my emails, so voila. Also, I posted pictures of a turtle, and what we are now calling “vulture alley.” It’s a stream outside off-base housing were a lot of the fish went to die. Every day we went by there were more and more vultures.
I will be brief today.
This was a great week! We were on foot the whole week, since the sisters had the car and my bike is getting fixed (again.) This time a spoke on the back tire broke. Luckily a member of the ward is good with bikes, and is willing to help missionaries with bike problems! I will be honest, the work here is a bit slower on foot. Our area consists entirely of highways, and residential areas; there aren’t a whole lot of people walking around to talk to. However there are certain areas we can usually talk to a lot of people, and all the walking gives us the chance to be really excited whenever we see someone! I feel like I’ve become a much better missionary this week! I will share a few brief stories.
Saturday was a particularly busy day! We did service for a part-member family in the morning who wants to take the whole zone to one of the nearby colonial settlements sometime! Later, we attended a funeral for a family that lived in our ward until recent boundary changes. He was an engineer in the air force, and it was an honor to see the air force perform the ceremony. In the evening, we were walking to see an investigator, and saw him outside playing with his son! It was a nice conversation, and we gave him a Book of Mormon asking him to read it. As we were walking home that evening, a man waved us down and immediately asked us what our church thinks about Heavenly Mother (a less-taught doctrinal topic the apostles of our church have mentioned which you can learn more about at if you want.) It was an interesting conversation, but he agreed to meet with us again sometime!
Sunday was an area-wide broadcast stake conference meeting (I think it’s a new thing they are doing.) It was a great, spiritual meeting, and Elder Oaks gave some direct counsel about member missionary work. He said missionary hours are not being fully utilized when they spend so much time finding people to teach. Part of that responsibility as well as the responsibility of working with less-active members is given to the members of the church. The missionaries really liked that part! I’m not sure what the members thought! Later on Sunday, we met a man who had questions about our religion. We had a nice conversation and although he felt the Book of Mormon was not true the last time he started reading it, he was willing to “take another crack at it.”
Well that was my week! Hope y’alls was great!
-Elder Samuel Runyan
Virginia Weather

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