Awesome Members and Bike Problems

Hello Everyone!

This has been a great week thanks to the devoted efforts of the Poquoson Ward! A month or 2 ago, President Weed announced a surprising change; he asked us to encourage members not to offer us meals so often, so that we have more time to proselyte, and when we do have meals, there should be a focus on missionary work. Since then, the information has passed through ward mission leaders to ward bishoprics, and many wards have decided to make changes to how members offer meals. In the Poquoson Ward, we encourage members to invite a friend, investigator, less-active, etc.. Otherwise, they are encouraged to schedule the meal before 6:00pm. This week, we had 3 lessons in members homes with a neighbor, friend, or investigator. In fact, that is where the majority of our lessons were. I don’t think Poquoson is the only ward with members who are excited to share the gospel, but I feel blessed to be around such amazing people!
One family in particular helped us immensely with teaching an investigator who received some upsetting news that will hinder his progress towards becoming baptized. This wonderful family, I am convinced, have helped him so much in gaining a testimony about Jesus Christ and the restored gospel far more than we or previous missionaries have! When he came to them with this concern, they were able to help and comfort him far better than we could. I am very grateful to have witnessed the amazing changes that have happened in this investigator’s life because of the gospel!
I also had fun with the origami book Mom sent me! I made two frogs that I gave to the kids of a member family that fed us.  They also invited a neighbor, who had a lot of questions about what missionaries do!
Unfortunately, I’ve had some bike problems this week as well. Halfway through the week, A spoke on the back wheel of my bike broke and the wheel became really warped. I started riding the backup bike the mission provided which a previous missionary had spray-painted “Ghetto Bike” Ghetto bike didn’t last too long before I ran over a nail which popped the back tire. I spent a good long time patching it and was able to ride it for the next two days, but somehow when we were biking in the rain, the hub in the back wheel disconnected from the wheel and we had to walk it back home in pouring rain. Thankfully, a member in the ward was willing to fix my bike! He fixed Ghetto bike in a minute somehow. I’m not sure what he did, but it works!
We did get some pity from one man who saw us biking in the rain! He said we could come back any time! We knocked on another family’s door, and they saw that we were walking in the pouring rain, and just kinda said oh… have fun. We were going to see if we could teach a lesson, but they made up an excuse. No grudges I promise!
Anyways, that was my week! Sunday was awesome! The Sisters brought an investigator who we taught about the priesthood in gospel principles class! He seemed to really enjoy church! There were great speakers during sacrament meeting as well!
Take care y’all!
-Elder Runyan
We saw the birds again!
Couple missionary drove us through Fort Eustice! (Meeting house, and James River)


We saw a bunch of planes flying around one day! (One left behind red smoke)

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