We Saw Elder Cook!


This week was awesome! We found 2 new investigators, (more than we usually find in this area,) and 3 investigators came to sacrament meeting.

We had an interesting lesson with an investigator. He likes to go off on tangents a lot, so we tried to just teach the lesson. He agreed that next time he will try try to let us actually teach the lesson. He was on the verge of saying he was good with his faith, but we helped him to realize that he hasn’t given us much of a chance to say what we need to say. Later, we had dinner with a family in the ward with a returning less-active member. The son is a ward missionary. We had a great discussion, and enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon together!
This was just a normal day in the life of a missionary. We dropped off some tupperware that the sister missionaries asked us to return to people, and all the members we brought them to asked if we could come over for dinner.
I went on an exchange with the district leader, Elder Rogers. It was awesome! He is a great missionary! We were on foot the whole day. We taught a less active member about Easter and an investigator about the Book of Mormon. We focused on bearing testimony frequently in those lessons, and I noticed a real difference when we did that! Meanwhile, Elder Byrd and Brown had a great lesson with one of our long-term investigators.
I studied a lot about the last week of the Savior’s mortal ministry. That has been a very inspiring study for me. We finished the exchange finding a potential investigator. The rest of the day was pretty normal.
We saw Elder Cook and his wife! It was a wonderful meeting, and probably the only time I’ll ever see the whole mission gathered in one place like that! The previous mission president was President Baker, so President Weed joked that it should have been the Bakers to welcome the Cooks. Elder Cook talked about the importance of Easter. He talked about the various appearances of the resurrected Christ, (something I felt inspired to study beforehand,) and He mentioned something cool about D&C 110. It was on April 3 which happened to be Easter and Passover, a rare event. The resurrected Christ appeared at the Kirtland Temple. Shortly after, Moses commits the keys of the gathering of Israel, (missionary work.) Similarly, other accounts of the resurrected Christ in the New Testament make mention of missionary work, (i.e. “Feed my lambs”). Clearly, Christ is telling us missionary work is an important part of this dispensation, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sends out more full-time missionaries, (currently 70,000,) than anyone else! Also, in D&C 110, Elijah committed the sealing keys on the Passover and Easter when Jews everywhere where holding an open seat for him to come! He actually came! I thought that was so cool!
There were other great messages shared as well! A member of the 70, Elder Calderwell talked about how we do well teaching repentance unto baptism, but need to do better teaching continual repentance forever, (he called it “real time repentance”,) and he shared lots of scriptures, (D&C 11:9, 14:7-8, 15:3-6, 18:13, 58:42-43, Isaiah 1:18) Elder Cook also talked about inviting, and his wife talked about Christlike attributes in the context of hymns. The 2nd line of “Lord I would Follow Thee” has a great story behind it! The writer was with a woman who was buying burial clothes for a baby and the merchant didn’t know what it was for. He said things like “she will look, so lovely in this,” but the lady held her composure. In the end of the meeting, Elder Cook gave us an apostolic blessing, (my first!) It was a wonderful experience! We all got to shake his hand in the beginning as well, and before the meeting, we took a mission picture with Elder Cook and his wife!
To end this wonderful day, we found one new investigator, and had dinner with a member family!
We had a great Easter! Probably my best because I was so focused on the Savior. We sang “He is Risen” in the Ward choir, and I got to know more of the members! Later, we had dinner with a member family, and shared a message with several families. We spent the rest of the day biking around trying to see people. We met one potential investigator who was about to go fishing, and a less-active member we’ve been trying to see for a while. He was really nice!
Well, that was my week! I forgot to mention the pictures! Some were just nature scenes with Spring happening right now. also a picture of a nest of chicks on someone’s door! I have a video I will send as well, and another video of some “chucks!”
Hope y’all had a happy Easter!
-Elder Samuel Runyan


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