Adjusting to a New Area


This week has been great! It’s also a learning experience for me adjust to a new area, but it is a good opportunity for me! Elder Byrd is a great missionary! I’m learning a lot from him! Here’s a little bit about him:
He is also from Sacramento! He’s still new to the mission; he just finished training before I came here! He likes computers and fixing things. He also really likes going through the Bible and “fixing” false doctrines and misunderstandings that people bring up. He still knows the area much better than I do, and I’m learning a lot about how to get started in a new area.
We taught as many people as we could throughout the week and heard lots of interesting stories, including a man who had an interesting vision that sounded like the Spirit World. We also taught a less-active member who is working towards going to the temple! She reminded me a lot of a recent convert from Washington. She’s had a lot of trials, but she gains great strength to overcome them when she comes to church! I’m excited for her!
I’ve also heard about 4 investigators here who are waiting to be baptized! One is 17 and needs his parents’ permission, one is the husband of a member. He is deployed oversees and has been going to church every week there! He is waiting to get back to be baptized. Two have expressed that they want to be baptized, and are working to overcome some things holding them back. I haven’t met all of them, but I’m excited to! Elder Byrd explained that this area has “nothing but the elect” because it is hard to find people to teach, but the people we do teach progress very well!
There were two highlights to my week:
Friday: We had Zone meeting and learned a lot about sacrifice, being bold and promising blessings from some very inspired trainings. I took lots of notes, and wrote down commitments the Spirit was telling me to make. One thing I wrote was that, “When it’s hard to be a missionary, that is when it is most important to be one.” I think the same applies to discipleship in general although both are inseparably connected. After the meeting, we had the chance to apply what we learned about boldly promising blessings to an investigator who told us he wanted to be baptized and quit smoking. We didn’t have to say much, because he knew the Book of Mormon was true, and the Spirit was very strong. As we showed concern and compassion for him, and promised blessings for keeping commitments, his heart opened up. We will be seeing him again today!
Saturday: We had interviews with President and Sister Weed! It was a brief meeting, but I was glad to witness the real concern they have for each of us missionaries. Sister Weed talked about my studies and my allergies; which have been pretty bad lately. President Weed talked about adjusting to a new area. After the interviews, we stayed for a baptism that was happening in the Stake Center. It was the Yorktown sisters’ investigator and a young boy. The investigator’s daughter called it a “bathtism” and sang with one of the sister missionaries! It was cute. We had invited some of our investigators to attend, but none could make it.
Sunday was also great because I finally met the members in a church setting! There was a great Elder’s quorum lesson about self worth. It was interesting to be in a class with a bunch of military guys. Well, I’ve got to log off soon. Here is a random picture of our apartment (I forgot to take pictures. We’ve been biking, so it’s hard. Sorry.)
Thank y’all for the support!
-Elder Samuel Runyan

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