Loving the South

Hey y’all!

Transfer calls came last Saturday! I’m going to Poquoson, VA; which is in the Newport News stake! It is a biking area, and there’s a big military presence there. I’m going to miss Washington! I’m not sure if Virginia still counts as the south. If not, I am really going to miss being in the south! You have no idea how much I love it! Anyways, I’m still excited to go to a new area, and meet new people! I haven’t really started packing yet, but I will! Sorry I didn’t take too many pictures! I will be taking pictures with some people before I leave, so I will send those next week.
As for the pictures I do have, One was me trying to take a picture of these weird crab things they have at the waterfront. The other is from our car’s accident this week. We were parked in a Family Dollar parking lot, and as we were exiting the store, a guy driving a truck backed into our car right in front of our eyes. He got out of the truck, and felt really bad. I just feel bad for our vehicle coordinator who has to get all the repairs approved for the car. We still haven’t taken it in for the first thing. Well, I guess I won’t have to worry about cars in my next area anyways!
We have seen some miracles this past week! One happened while we were tracting an apartment complex without much success. Elder Aland told me he had been saying a prayer that someone would at least open their door. We knocked on a door, and a very nice lady came out, and said, “sure! I’d love to talk to you!” We came back a couple days later, and taught her family a great lesson! Right off the bat, she told us she had a really good feeling with us being there, and she warmed up to us very quickly. Towards the end of the discussion, we helped her realize the feeling she was getting was the Spirit. Somehow, during the lesson, the Spirit allowed us to teach her well enough that she was saying it made a lot of sense! It was a great experience!
Church yesterday was also great! We had Branch Conference, and the sister missionaries brought an investigator to church! The first meeting was sacrament and we heard some great messages about the importance of the Book of Mormon and temples. The 2nd meeting was all about Religious Freedom. After that, we had a big lunch prepared for everyone, then we went into different meetings. The missionaries and our branch mission leader met with the Stake mission representative/ mission presidency person named President Rappleyea. It was a great meeting, and we really focused on our stake mission goal; which is for everyone to pray with real intent for inspiration to share the gospel. We talked about how sharing the gospel is really the responsibility of everyone in the church; not just the missionaries. We also discussed how missionary work shouldn’t be a compartmentalized part of the gospel, but an integral part of everything we do in the church.
– Elder Samuel Runyan

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