Working with People One by One

Hey y’all!

This week was awesome! We’ve really been putting our focus on working with members and we’ve seen several miracles come of it. Some ways we’ve tried to do this is by branch activities, visiting families, and service.
On Monday night, the Elders quorum President and we missionaries directed a branch Family Home Evening night which was especially for the single adults who don’t have families to have FHE with. We plan on doing it monthly. We planned fun activities,  with a “superhero” theme, and had a couple that were specifically heroes from the Book of Mormon. It was lots of fun, and there was a less-active family which came! We are now teaching their children to prepare them for baptism!
The Kinston Stake holds a monthly “Super Saturday” activity for the youth. This Saturday, it was our branch’s turn to plan and direct the activity. We had a service activity at the Goose Creek State Park cleaning up trash and planting trees. It sounds like they had lots of fun! The sisters’ 2 investigators preparing for baptism, 2 young brothers, were there and they had fun! They’ve also been playing basketball with the young men in the branch! They are set to be baptized on March 25! Right before the end of the transfer!
On Sunday night, We missionaries and our Branch Mission Leader planned and conducted a “Missionary Fireside” to commemorate the end of our branch’s “40-Day Fast for Missionary Work.” It was very successful! We watched a video of Elder Holland’s talk, “Witness Unto Me” (May 2001 Ensign), then we had people speak on their missionary experiences from the fast. We closed with a “missionary training” from the missionaries and some words from our Branch President. The people who showed up to it really enjoyed it and the Spirit was very strong! I’m so glad we were able to put it on! We saw members who hadn’t been getting along before become closer that night and the Spirit of missionary work permeated the room! I just love this branch so much!
We visited a couple member families to talk about missionary work in the branch and ways we can help them to accomplish it. It wasn’t like us begging for referrals or anything, but we got a few anyways. We talked to members about their conversion stories and really built their trust in us a lot more. During a meeting with Branch President Whaley on Wednesday, we talked about the need to work with people one by one as the Savior did. We’ve seen immense blessings from this effort!
Like I said before, Our Branch did service for Goose Creek on Saturday, but I also had some fun service in New Bern during exchanges! We cleaned out a lady’s drainage ditch with the Elders Quorum. It was lots of fun and the men brought all kinds of tools and equipment which was probably a bit overboard! One member brought a tractor with a “ditch witch” attachment. It shredded up all the branches and junk in no time! The other Elders and I were swinging machetes to clear out vines and branches, (In case you don’t know, NC has lots of trees! They grow very fast too, and become a nuisance.) I should have taken pictures! I think one of the other Elders might have, but I’m not sure.
Well that was my week! Hope y’all are doing well!
-Elder Samuel Runyan
We had a little snow on Sunday morning (In the middle of pollen season!) There are also some pictures from some of our branch activities this week.

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