Road Hazard

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a huge learning experience, and I’ve really come to appreciate how much this work is not about me.
We were informed this week of a surprise zone meeting we would be having in New Bern last Friday. We had already scheduled some teaching appointments at that time, but rescheduling them wasn’t too big of a hassle. The real hassle came from my own mistake. As we were driving to New Bern, I decided to take a different route which was much less windy than the one we took previously. I still wanted to save miles so I left the gps on “shortest distance so that once we got close enough to where we were going, I would simply get off the main highway and follow the GPS. I turned just a little too soon because it took me to a dirt road. The road wasn’t too long and it would take us to a bigger road, so I just decided to follow it rather than turn around. I reasoned that we drive on a lot of dirt roads anyway. There was a puddle in the road; which I easily moved around while driving fast to avoid getting stuck. There was another puddle after it which was a little bigger. After planning how to get past it I decided to go for it and got stuck on the side of the puddle. I did not once think to turn around. I learned from this experience that the Lord expects us to stop in situations that are hazardous or uncertain and think rationally as well as turn to Him in prayer for a better path. Thankfully, there was a man living on that road who got us out with a truck and we were free within a half hour. We were a little late to zone conference, with our shoes a little muddy, but it was a great meeting, and I’m glad the Lord provided a way for us to receive that divine guidance. I should have done more to thank the man who helped us because he got us out of a really tough situation! I received some chastisement from our vehicle coordinator, Elder Slusser, and the car needs some minor repairs, but thankfully it wasn’t worse! (The car got a little water in it which I took a picture of. that will be the most expensive repair because the carpet needs to be taken out, cleaned and dried)
Sorry for that long piece about our car. As for real missionary work, we’ve found lot’s of people to talk about the gospel with, including a family who are investigating now! One man was really cool who we were talking to on the street! He told us we have a great spirit about us and he shared his ideas about James 1:5; which we didn’t even bring up. We gave him the restoration pamphlet, and later in the week he called us and told us he really liked the things he read in it and wants to talk about it over fishing! There was another man who is a former investigator, who we met at the park, where he told us about his conversion to Christianity. His family is super important to him. He read the Book of Mormon all the way through, but still has reservations about it; telling us he thinks it has too many Fascist ideas. He wants to make it out to our church sometime though because he’s never been. He wanted to talk about other political things, but we didn’t have answers for those. I’ve learned that even though many people have desires to live the gospel, or at least see more of what we are about, they just need to take time.
We also had a very cool experience in our regular Thursday scripture class. A less-active family we have been working with came to the class! The children want to be baptized and we are going to start teaching the lessons to them! They are a super fun family! I’m excited for them!
Well, that was my week! I hope y’all are doing well and be blessed!
-Elder Samuel Runyan
North Carolina Sunset

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