Elder Aland is Awesome!

Hey y’all,

How is everything going?
I had an awesome week! My trainer, Elder Staheli is a zone leader in Goldsboro now. My new companion is Elder Aland who is the new district leader now! We are getting along really well together! I am the designated driver now though because he crashed a car in his last transfer, (woops.)
The day before transfers (Tues), Elder Staheli and I had a busy day. We saw several less-actives and recent converts, and taught a new investigator. We had lunch and dinner with members, and I took lots of pictures for Mom. I’ve really come to realize how much Elder Staheli has taught me, especially about opening up and loving all the people you work with. I’ve also had some hard lessons about loving investigators too much when they aren’t willing to progress, but I’m growing a lot more than I ever have.
Transfer day (Wed) and the next day were pretty hectic! Just as I was introducing myself to Elder Aland, I was getting a stream of texts from someone who needed our help. That kinda crashed Elder Aland right into all the drama of Washington, and we were able to give this wonderful person a priesthood blessing. (If you have questions about what that is, ask the missionaries.) Besides that, I had to adjust to driving again, We got Elder Aland’s groceries and I got a gps, then we had Dinner with members and Correlation meeting. With all that going on, we were also able to schedule a lesson with an investigator at the church with some members. and taught several others It was a busy and eventful two days! The next day was no less busy! As Elder Aland had to prepare to lead his first district meeting; which was awesome! He has done a great job getting to know the members and investigators here, and we have looked through the area book a lot together! I’d say this was one of my busiest weeks of my mission so far!
Unfortunately, several investigators have experienced tragedies either this week or previous. We really love them and ask for your prayers. Also, we had many people who we fully expected to come to church, but none came. We have followed up with many of them, and will work to get them there next week! I want to work on have a more optimistic attitude this week, because I’ve seen great miracles this week. Even if that doesn’t show in the numbers or what other people see, I know our efforts aren’t in vain.
That’s about it for my week. Hope y’all are doing well!
– Elder Samuel Runyan
A little bit about Elder Aland:
  1. He is from San Diego, CA! The members here are excited to have non-Utah missionaries now!
  2. He likes country music and trucks, (I’ve pretty much found out that’s a necessity if you are serving out here.)
  3. He has 4 sisters and a brother.
  4. He has been out for 8 months
  5. We’re pretty similar in some ways

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