Hello y’all!

I don’t know what you might have heard about this worldwide missionary broadcast on Wednesday, but they announced some big changes for missionaries! (get jealous Kendall.) First of all, our schedule is changed to allow us to adjust to our needs and our investigators needs. We only need to have an hour of personal study 30 min of companion study (and only 30 min of 12 week,) planning is in the morning now, and we have more time to sleep or get ready for the day because we can have comp study during proselyting time. (sorry if this isn’t making any sense to non-missionaries.) On p-day, we now have 10 hours instead of 8 to do things. We only need to have personal study and planning on p-days. The other change was with key indicators because they are only recording Baptism/confirmation, sacrament meeting attendance, and new investigators.
Anyways, transfers are coming up soon, so I will most likely be getting a new companion soon. (I’ll miss Elder Staheli.) This past week we were able to have a lot of lessons (Even though the majority of our appointments fell through, but that’s missionary life.) The Spirit has honestly helped us so much this week! I’ve learned a lot from my experiences here in North Carolina, and I’ve come to love the people here more and more every day!
Today, one of my zone leaders, Elder Ward, is leaving. We had a great transfer this past Friday and he taught me a lot about missionary work. He helped me learn that I need to trust in myself more when I talk to people, and not forget to let loose and have fun sometimes. I’ve also learned a lot about listening to people, and letting the Spirit give me the words to say. One example this week was this Saturday, when we knocked on someone’s door and asked if we could share our message and she said “no thanks.” Then we asked if we could share our message about how families can be together forever. She was willing to listen! Tears came to her eyes as she told us about the great example her mother was to her of Christlike love. I can’t remember exactly what we told her, but it comforted her, and she said we could come back!
Another great experience I had was with a lady who held a big youth group at her house. She was very friendly! We were sitting down with her to have a discussion, and there were a lot of teenagers in the other room doing nothing. I told her, “If you want, we can invite everyone to join in,” and that’s what we did! They could have been really rowdy or disrespectful, but we actually had a great lesson with all of them (I think there were like 6 teenagers there!) It was funny because the lady said I looked nervous, but the next day we came back she said “I’m so proud of you” because I didn’t look as nervous. (I didn’t think I was nervous but whatever.) It was great because we just had a relaxed, casual conversation with a bunch of teenagers about the restoration of the gospel, and Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon, and  they really enjoyed having us over!
Hope y’all have a great week!
Elder Runyan
Elder Staheli Messing Around
I Got a New Haircut

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