For if He Have Not Charity He is Nothing

Hey y’all!

I’ve realized I really need to learn Spanish! At least enough of it to explain who we are and our basic message. We have Spanish speaking elders in the mission, but they cover very large areas, and can’t easily tract everywhere. We have several neighborhoods in our area that are heavily populated with Spanish speakers, and if we can get them interested in our message, we can pass them off to the Spanish elders. One sister in our branch, who is from Columbia, told us she was able to learn some of the harder English words just from comparing the pamphlets in English and Spanish. (One of the harder words was “agency” because it has two meanings.) (Down here, they have “Southern Spanish” like “Como estas y’all!”)
We had zone p-day last Monday; which was fun. We played a missionary game called Oompa Loompa; which is a mix of Basketball, Football, and Ultimate Frisbee.
We got to do service for a member who lives in Bath. He has started coming to church again recently. We had some really interesting deep conversations about the gospel, and he talked about how the most important thing in life is to love God and love others. That is something I’ve noticed a lot more in missionary work. If we don’t have charity for the people, our efforts are empty. I have come to really love Washington and this branch.
I think I told y’all about how people like to preach to us. There was actually a man we talked to on Saturday who has studied the scriptures very closely his whole life, and tells us he doesn’t accept anything as truth unless it comes from the Spirit. His ideas are actually very closely aligned with our beliefs and he see’s the problems of corruption that are occuring in other churches. He is a deacon for his own church and wants to help them reach a point of unity that Christians should have, but he can’t figure out why Christians are still so divided. We didn’t get much of a chance to jump in, but it will be super exciting to talk about the restoration with him! He enjoys having us over to talk to us, so we should be able to come back.
Having more charity has really helped me enjoy and thrive in missionary work. I have been working on it for a while, and whenever I focus on it I notice things that get me down or offend me simply wash away. The atonement and the Holy Ghost have a great power in doing that for everyone.
Sorry I haven’t taken pictures this week! I will repent of that.
– Elder Samuel Runyan

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