The People Here Love to Talk About Jesus!


I’m learning a lot here about how God directs us in the direction we need to go. Elder Staheli and I were discussing this, and I really like a quote from Elder Oaks, which is in page 101 of Preach My Gospel. He explains that we can be led by the Spirit, but shouldn’t expect him to lead us in all things. This has been helpful for me as I bear my testimony during lessons. For a long time, I thought bearing your testimony meant making it up on the spot, and you just say whatever the Spirit puts in your mind. Sometimes he can do that, but most of the time, he lets us think about what to say and helps us remember things we have studied out previously with real intent. I’m still not a very powerful teacher of myself, but the Spirit is, and if I have faith and pray, the Lord will consecrate my performance.

I’m really learning how essential members are to missionary work! In zone meeting, they changed a lot of things so now we are only recording lessons with members present and not other lessons. We can work a lot harder at getting members involved here in Washington. They have a great faith, they just need to get excited about the work! One of our investigators came to scripture study class on Thursday! He loved the church building and participated a lot in the discussion! He is going to be a great member!

I still think its stupid that people burn trash on their front yards here, and Elder Staheli likes to make fun of me for that.

Have y’all heard about what the church is doing this Christmas on! It’s a great worldwide service oriented program, and you should share it with your friends! That’s been really helpful for us out here to share that with people, because they love to do service!

We’ve had some interesting experiences with people. Last Saturday, night we knocked on a potential investigator’s door, and and she came out of a neighboring house totally drunk, (she had been partying,) and she came up to us saying “when’s y’all’s church? I want to come.” We called her the next morning to check up on her and I think she had forgotten, so she didn’t actually come, but I thought that was funny that she had that idea on her mind even while being drunk. We’ve met a few people out here who are like that. One time, we went up to a house that was playing loud bass music and partying, and the lady welcomed us as we asked her if she wanted to hear a message about Jesus. We prayed with her, and she loved that, even though they had cases of beer waiting for them. She later told us she feels something special around us, (the Spirit) even though we haven’t caught her sober once! I think it’s interesting that even if people aren’t making good choices, they are very religious out here, and even catch glimpses of the Holy Ghost speaking to them. If only they knew how much happier their life would be if they followed Christ’s example for them!

Anyways, I love North Carolina! The people here love to talk about Jesus, (and love to talk,) and we’ve had some great discussions with people. It’s just about helping them make those decisions to align their lives with God’s will.

Love Y’all!

Elder Runyan

Elder Runyan’s apartment decorated for Christmas

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