I Really Do Love the People Out Here

Hello Family!

I am so sorry to hear about Sister Warff. Tell the family I will keep them in my prayers. She was a very sweet lady, and will be missed.

This week has been quite a learning experience for me. We had a lot of people say they would come to church, but didn’t show up. Elder Staheli has told me that he hasn’t gotten a single investigator to come to church in the 6 weeks he has been in Washington. The people here are great, and love to talk about Jesus, but it is hard for them to keep commitments. You can really see how the devil tries to snuff out the Spirit after people have felt it. I won’t get too much into specifics, but I know we will change lives here in Washington. One of the apostles said that the day would come when the south would start accepting the gospel in great numbers. People here already have great faith in Christ. They know there is a lot of confusion between churches and have spent a lot of time trying to find the right church. Often they are just hanging onto a string of loyalty to some denomination, or have settled on believing that they only need to read the Bible and love God, and everything will turn out fine. I get really excited about the moment people realize that our church might have what they have been looking for their whole life. It just requires patience and love, and I really do love the people out here.

I had exchanges for the first time with an Elder Hintzy, in New Bern. It was good to get a different perspective from him of how to teach. He told me miracles always happen on exchanges, and we did have some really good lessons. He really likes classical music like I do so we had some good conversations.

I really want to hear about how y’all are doing! It sounds like Thanksgiving was fun! We had a good Thanksgiving at the church and we still have some leftovers! we didn’t have a dinner appointment like missionaries usually do on Thanksgiving. We only cover half the branch which is small to begin with so we only get a few dinner appointments. People do like to give us their leftovers though! The dinner at the church was great, and I got to know the members a lot better!

Love you!

Elder Runyan


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