I’m Already Starting to Feel Like A Different Person!

Hi Family!

     I can’t believe it’s only been a week! so much has happened here, and I’m already starting to feel like a different person! It’s been great getting letters and emails from all of you! I wished I could respond as soon as I got them! Thanks for setting up my blog, and thank you for the package of noise makers! I handed out the pens to my district, which the sisters really appreciated because they hadn’t gotten any Halloween packages. Elder Adams loves using the noise makers to annoy everyone in our residence halls (he’s a really fun energetic missionary!)
Back: Me, Elder Dryer, Elder Long, Elder Workman Middle: Sister Mello, Sister Aloua, Sister Nilsson, Sister Oswald Front: Elder Adams, Elder Orzel.
      My companion is Elder Dryer. He’s pretty quiet, but he is very humble, and he has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and this church! I’ve really gotten to love him over the past week; we have our differences, but I think he is the best possible companion for me here! More about Elder Dryer: The first thing he did when our district met him, was he looked at all of us and could tell our nationality just by the shape of our noses! He also likes linguistics and cinematography, so he’s still thinking about what his career might be. I really think he will be a great missionary. He has a great ability to speak with the spirit when bearing his testimony.
      I was kind of surprised that they had us start teaching investigators on our second day (the first ones were just our teachers acting as investigators) and by Monday, we were teaching TRC’s (people who sign up to act as investigators. Some are members; some are not). One of our TRC’s, T_ A_ , seems to be a real investigator, and we struggled at first to help him open up. We were starting to think we weren’t qualified to give people emotional help, but the next day, we came with a bright attitude, and got to know him better, and it went really well!
      President Nelson spoke on Tuesday about missionary work transcending generations which was really inspiring, and I sang Praise to the Man in the choir! It was quite an experience! I started checking out their cellos this week during my free time, and I will play Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief for an audition. Sister Aloua agreed to accompany me (she is a great pianist!) Speaking of the cello, I kinda wish I brought some music, so if you could send some of mine, that would be great!
      I need to wrap up now! I will leave you with a quote from Elder Workman about stress that made us all laugh. He was relating it to a car and said, “If you stand in the front you get tired. If you stand in the back you get exhausted!) I guess it’s not really that funny, but we were all really tired.
Love you all!
Elder Samuel Runyan

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